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Travis Perkins plc: £6,741 million (2018 Revenue), 20+ businesses, 2090 Sales Locations (branches and stores) and 28,000 employees.


Travis Perkins plc, which is the UK’s leading supplier of materials to the building and construction and home improvement markets, has similarly to many other organisations, grown through acquisitions. This means there are multiple data silos, and it can be difficult to get to the single truth at speed and understand the level of maturity. To demonstrate this, Wickes, which is one of the companies owned by Travis Perkins, has 10,000+ products x nearly 700+ outlets x 365 days = 9 million records loaded each day for all stock metrics.

Catalyst IT Solutions Ltd (Catalyst) worked with Travis Perkins to improve engagement and support suppliers. While the company already had a supplier portal in place, this needed to be updated to improve access to information, such as stock levels, just in time and on time deliveries. Travis Perkins also wanted to enable their suppliers to self-serve with information that is specifically relevant to them.



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Catalyst have been a critical partner to Travis Perkins in their journey to revolutionise the way we leverage data to drive our business. Catalyst’s ‘long game’ approach makes for a very productive and strategic partnership.

Steve Taberner | Group Head of Business Intelligence at Travis Perkins plc


The existing technology did not lend itself to interaction. For example, a supplier was not able to query how much stock, groups of stock or products they had provided to Travis Perkins in real time. Therefore, any chart created was static and not effective, and could not be used for decision-making or for building efficient partnerships. Suppliers also did not have instant visibility of sales, orders on-hold, payments or stock availability.


The new Qlik Business Intelligence technology enabled suppliers to start asking questions, such as what stock is in hand, and where this is located. Using the entire Qlik platform, the Travis Perkins in-house analyst team developed intuitive dashboards and intelligence objects to greatly enhance a supplier’s experience, through greater insight and analytical capability. The objects were then deployed onto the portal, so that when a supplier logs on, these are authenticated with their own relevant data. Suppliers only have access to their own data and can interact with charts to discover status reports. In a very short space of time, Catalyst worked with partners of Travis Perkins to pull data from all sources to rapidly fulfil the project objectives. Catalyst also hosts, manages and deploys the Qlik platform on behalf of Travis Perkins.

Analysts within Travis Perkins can create bespoke applications where required and deploy these through the portal to relevant suppliers. The new solution allows both Travis Perkins and its suppliers to understand the engagement model and how this is working for volume purchases.


Travis Perkins now offers hundreds of suppliers a fantastic service and full engagement. The ability to handle 30 million records per day and utilise data to create and generate an even deeper supplier partnership has been realised. There has been a 15% improvement in on time delivery, and with this new transparency across the supply chain, everybody is becoming more fact-based in their decision-making; thereby helping to increase sales and reduce costs.

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