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Stylus is an innovation research and advisory firm which helps businesses analyse global consumer lifestyle, product and engagement trends, stimulating innovation and growth.


Over 350 leading brands and agencies subscribe to Stylus, and the company wanted to attract and retain more clients by making its website more dynamic and responsive.

Although Stylus’s research and trend analysis had proven form when it came to identifying and interpreting even the most subtle change in consumer behaviour for subscribers, its own website analytics were not sufficiently detailed.

Stylus had limited means of tracking how subscribers journeyed through its website. They suspected some customers were failing to take advantage of all the trend research available to them, but lacked the IT infrastructure to pinpoint which parts of the site were under-used.



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Catalyst’s contribution was very much what we’d hoped for. We wanted to move forward from the point of knowing what we had to achieve, but with a huge amount of questions about how to get there, to making sufficient progress to get up and running in a short space of time. Catalyst’s input in condensing a huge range of options into a concise set of recommendations we could work from was invaluable.

Daniel Brown


With a wide array of BI products on the market, Stylus did not have sufficient time or resource to select the best one to help the company drive increased traffic to its site through an improved user experience.


Established a technical proof of concept and arranged for manufacturers to visit and demonstrate how their products would benefit Stylus. Produced a summary report, recommending two of the BI systems and outlining the pros and cons of each, based on knowledge of Stylus and its needs. Catalyst then made a final recommendation for the best BI platform to help accelerate Stylus’s business performance through improved website analytics.


As a business Stylus has benefited from the ability to analyse multiple sets of data relating to customer activity. This in turn has improved customer retention via better visibility into customer content usage analytics. Customers’ are now proactively managed by Stylus, prior to their renewal dates occurring and more effective editorial decisions are made as a result of having an understanding of a customers’ research habits.

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