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Founded in London in 2012 with a website and later a mobile app that offers high quality food delivery from local restaurants and chains that don’t have a delivery service.



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“We can grow with confidence knowing that OneWorld can meet the local language, currency and tax requirements, and we won’t have to make significant investments in infrastructure and IT.”



Deliveroo’s service quickly gained traction, but its existing software system couldn’t handle its requirements for managing subsidiaries and global financial onsolidation. As it expanded from four countries to 12, it needed financial software that could scale with it.


On the advice of its finance director, who saw NetSuite’s agility and scalability in a previous role, Deliveroo quickly selected NetSuite OneWorld over Intacct for its financial consolidation, local tax compliance, integration capabilities and rapid implementation. Additionally, NetSuite OneWorld tracks inventory of goods for Deliveroo’s drivers and participating restaurants.


After a rapid six-week implementation of NetSuite OneWorld, Deliveroo was able to easily add six new subsidiaries in the following quarter and another three shortly thereafter, while real-time reporting across its entities gave the business detailed insights into costs.

As Deliveroo expands, it can now leverage the business visibility in NetSuite to run trials and see cost per order at a detailed line item level informing how the company launches new subsidiaries and programs, without worrying about IT, language or currency requirements.

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