How can you develop a web-based portal for different audiences and provide analytics and insights where needed, if you don’t have access to web skills?

What if you have these skills, but don’t have enough time or resource to get the project off the ground?

How can you leverage the benefits of an internal analytics project with your key stakeholders?


QMS Go is an off the shelf, easy to configure, Qlik mash-up portal, which gives your suppliers, customers and external stakeholders easy and secure access to shared data.

QMS Go gives you the ability to partner with your key stakeholders in a governed and secure environment. Avoid a typical 30-day development project and instead quickly access vital information through the web, simply by using an internet connection and a browser!


The value of your data

QMS Go from Catalyst IT provides a window to your analytics and delivers the benefits of Qlik Sense to internal or external customers, suppliers or partners.



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Quality and quantity

Whether you have already invested in Qlik, or are considering an investment, QMS Go enables you to easily share data and promote a data literate culture. Achieve even more meaningful insights, effective decision-making and accelerate business performance when all of your stakeholders have data at their fingertips.

• For any business that already has a Qlik environment or who is looking to develop its analytics capability

• Suited to companies who want to share information with key stakeholders via interactive dashboards

• Implemented in *3 days

• QMS portal aligned to your brand guidelines

• A maintenance contract with Catalyst IT provides ongoing support and ensures that you realise the benefit of any required upgrades

*Subject to existing Qlik capabilities being present