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QlikView enables teams to gain deeper insights from data by giving them the power to create guided analytics. Benefits:

  • Business-driven
  • Highly customisable
  • Tightly governed

Enterprise Scalability gives you the advantage of guided analytics with the appropriate level of data and analytics governance. You also have the flexibility to build exactly the right tools for your teams and the wider organisation. With seamless integration, into your business applications and system management software. Beautiful visualisations guide you towards discovery and empower you to make meaningful decisions. Search functionality allows you to navigate complex information, accelerating your discovery and performance. Security is controlled from the top down for analytics apps, permissions and data management. You also have complete control of dashboards, layout and design. With one set of data and apps for use across the entire organisation and unified data sources you will have complete visibility. You can then ensure collaboration by sharing reports and templates and easily embed these in Microsoft Office documents with Qlik NPrinting.

“QlikView is a hugely powerful tool which gave us the ability to analyse our business. It was so easy to incorporate multiple data sources. Now, everybody can see our sales performance and end users trust the information provided.” 

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