Qlik GeoAnalytics®

Make improved location-related decisions

Qlik GeoAnalytics allows you to view valuable geospatial information and uncover previously hidden geographic relationships. It enables powerful map visualisations and location-based analytics for QlikView and Qlik Sense. Providing you with comprehensive mapping capabilities, Qlik GeoAnalytics moves beyond visualisation to offer built-in support for a wide range of advanced geoanalytic use cases. Helping you to reveal geospatial and geographic information and relationships. Create maps with ease by using automatic geo-data lookup and add different visualisations as overlays.

  • Increase productivity with location lookup capabilities
  • Improve your understanding by exploring all geo information in a single map visualisation
  • Totally eliminate the cost of a separate mapping database

Gain insight into patterns not easily interpreted through tables and charts to understand the complete story within your data. Access, visualise and analyse your existing geospatial related data and applications.

Qlik GeoAnalytics meets the needs of many location-related use cases. It delivers mapping and location-based analytics to every user throughout your organisation. And you can choose whether to implement as a fully hosted solution, a completely on premise implementation, or a combination of the two.