Qlik Analytics Platform®

Build, embed and integrate analytics.

The Qlik Analytics Platform allows you to embed visual analytics in your apps and portals, all within a common governance and security framework. Visual analytics will let you see the story hidden within your data. However, the Qlik Analytics Platform goes beyond self-service and provides developers with the tools they need to build beautiful visual analytics for their end users. It can be used for both simple and complex tasks, from web mashups to create a few charts, to much more complicated integrated web applications, or on-device applications.

  • Accelerate and broaden your analytics – utilise a modern analytics environment to create and reuse data models
  • A single platform – to visualise data and increase the end users experience
  • Flexibility – enables you to scale up, or scale down, from dashboards and reports to custom analytical apps

“We needed to build a data-driven analytics app and really benefited from this developer platform. It’s so flexible and you can build at anytime and from anywhere. Data is constantly being generated across our organisation and now we translate it into easy to understand visuals. All done in minutes, rather than days or months.”