Wholesale Distribution

Increase revenue and earn customer loyalty

Wholesalers are under pressure to serve customers who have fragmented spending habits. Within each area of a Wholesale Distribution business, decisions are made which undoubtedly affect its ability to attract, satisfy and retain valued customers. Routine decisions are often not supported with the same priority as corporate initiatives. Strategy around whether to consolidate channels, or grow into emerging markets can consume analytical resources. This leaves people in the situation of having to make decisions based purely on ‘gut instinct’.

Enable faster, more profitable decisions

Catalyst can help you to put accurate information in the hands of those on the front line who are:

  • Buying products
  • Negotiating margins
  • Managing inventory

Enabling them to make decisions based on fact.

“Our users are delighted with the outcome. They can now access and analyse data to provide the right products, to the right people, at the right time, taking into account external factors, local trends and forecasts. We are now able to increase margins and profits, in a period, when as a result of market conditions, operational costs are increasing and competitive pressures remain high.”

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