Software & Technology

Improve sales, profitability and deliver agile operations

Software companies are keen to drive value, yet sharpen their competitive edge. In a highly-competitive market, they need to be able to meet the pressures of costs and navigate complicated supply chains.

Improve sales forecasting

To improve sales forecasting is vital, to ensure the agility and profitability of your business. You also need to:

  • Have a better understanding of supply and demand planning and how this is executed
  • Track indicators and adjust operations accordingly, ensuring that you have better product availability
  • Manage product life-cycles for maximum Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Empower sales and marketing by helping them to discover new customer insights and business opportunities
  • Examine operations to reduce costs

Work with Catalyst to gain visibility into your business data, across sales, operations and finance.  

“The sector we operate in is subject to frequent change and affected by multiple factors. The project was needed to help drive better performance across the business. This was achieved by taking data which didn’t usually talk to each other, and making it available to those who needed it. The insight into this information has helped us to gain better knowledge around customer processes. And importantly, it has allowed us to alter our sales approach and better align our business to our customers.”      

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