Enable faster, more profitable decisions, in a customer-driven market

As a Retailer your business seeks to target and retain profitable customers, whilst optimising your supply chain to ensure more efficient sales, marketing, merchandising and servicing. You will be keen to increase your top-line revenues and decrease your cost and outstanding sales. You will also want to track relevant indicators within a changing marketplace.

Analyse customers, products and transactions

Catalyst can help you to integrate data from any source, so that you can identify revenue, profit and margin opportunities. Work with us to:

  • Enable Sales to measure results and identify trends
  • Empower Marketing to identify different customer buying patterns and product performance
  • Allow Merchandising to accurately align product forecasting, planning, allocation and replenishment
  • Help Finance to detect inefficient processes and identify areas for cost improvements

By changing how you analyse data, you stop any guess work and instead can be certain that you are making smarter and faster decisions.  

“By deploying Qlik Sense across sales, products, promotions, pricing and order fulfilment we were able to look at maximising customer loyalty. We wanted to create a competitive advantage and have the ability to plan efficiently, and to promote and distribute merchandise. This was made possible by unlocking valuable information which was held in databases and spreadsheets.”