Online Retail

Transform your Online Retail business with valuable insights

Drive sales and engagement with the digital shopper

Online Retailers have undergone dramatic change as consumers become increasingly digitally empowered. With a customer base who is more connected and informed than ever before, you need to combine all your shopping data across every channel to gain the complete view of customer buying preferences and habits. Work with us and gain the ability to analyse sales data from e-commerce and other digital touchpoints. Understand how you can more effectively engage buyers. Discover new ways to reduce abandoned shopping carts, improve conversions, and boost your marketing campaigns. And, break down your data silos to identify omni-channel shopping patterns.


Become faster, smarter and more customer-centric

A Qlik solution from Catalyst helps you to join the dots between sales, returns, and customer data across all channels, including stores, e-commerce, call centres, apps, and catalogues. Enabling you to improve customer intelligence and the impact of your marketing campaigns.

The advantages of effective basket analysis

Having the capability to analyse huge amounts of POS transactional data will allow you to identify which products sell together and the customer segments buying these combinations.  Accurate insights  reveal what is needed to build a tailored assortment, to cross sell and upsell to customers, and avoid lost sales through items that are out of stock.