Operate leaner, smarter and with greater efficiency

Overcoming your challenges

Manufacturers face huge challenges, with constant pressure over the entire value chain to show innovation on both product and services. Also, to increase sales with greater customer engagement and to operate more efficiently, yet with fewer resources. They need visibility across their entire supply chain. They want to be able to measure and increase how efficient they are operationally and ensure collaboration across the business to enhance business agility. A Qlik solution from Catalyst enables users to reveal insights in complex data to meet these challenges. It will reveal the whole story in your Manufacturing data, accelerate your performance and increase your competitive edge.

Manufacturers from all over the World, find their answers with Qlik

Because it:

  • Is simple to use
  • Aligns corporate strategy with day-to-day use
  • Can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Helps you to satisfy your customers
  • Enables you to stand apart from your competitors

“This project helped us to integrate data from numerous sites and has given our employees better and faster access to the data they need. Making improvements to how we provide business intelligence has benefited the entire business. On top of the normal business information sets we also need the ability to analyse KPI data. The solution allows us to do this, and has brought about a change within the company, where data and the ability to analyse, and report is definitely regarded as a must-have. It’s such a valuable asset.”