Assess the maturity and effectiveness of your Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics environment

A prime goal of any BI Health Check is to assess what is currently in place and identify elements at a low level of maturity, but which would have a high level of business impact once developed. “We knew that we had to take stock, review and plan for how our BI solutions would continue to help us grow. Having spent some time assessing our existing capabilities and talking to people across our business, Catalyst provided a positioning report. This helped us to understand the current and future value of our BI investment, any quick wins we could achieve and also more strategic options for consideration.”  

Providing business value

With experience across many different industries, we know that businesses are keen to ensure that their BI solutions remain robust and will prove to be sustainable in realising future growth expectations. Spending a day on-site, our knowledgeable team works with you and key stakeholders to provide clear insight into your current BI position, against a set of well-defined best-practice benchmarks. A study of your current environment provides information on the individual elements which contribute to your overall BI capability. Demonstrating the options available and how any changes will provide business value. We also focus on your future requirements, rather than what you currently have in place. Once a full understanding has been gained, we will share what actions are needed to bring about any improvements.