Visualise and tell a meaningful story with your data

Answer all your questions with simple and unlimited business intelligence and reporting

Assessing accurate reports and making informed decisions from data held in numerous systems can be difficult. Sometimes data has historically been under the control of one department, which means that it is already isolated from the organisation and its business goals. Or there may be several systems within a single department, none of which enable goals, priorities and responsibilities to be achieved – simply because these systems don’t work together. The result is that when you try to pull a report, it is not only time-consuming, but the likelihood is that the report will be inaccurate. Qlik Business Intelligence (BI) software empowers you to visualise data, so that you can see any given situation in real-time, and answer all of your questions easily.

Why Catalyst?

Our highly-experienced team of Qlik Consultants, developers and trainers, will work with you to establish the requirements of your BI project and then quickly improve visibility, where it is needed.

 Sector expertise

We have been involved in the delivery of numerous Business Intelligence (BI) projects, across an expansive customer base. Regardless of the sector you operate in, we will help you to turn data into true insight across your organisation, so that you can make smarter and faster decisions. Our experience spans:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Software and Technology
  • Retailers and Online Retailers

QlikView has become an intrinsic part of Phoenix Software. It has been embraced fully by our sales teams and this is now spreading to a wider audience. We are looking to further develop QlikView, to expand into other areas of our business having seen the positive effect it has had within the sales environment.

Clare Metcalfe | Operations Director

We are now able to answer data requests in hours rather than weeks and our end users can visualise this data easily. Qlik Sense has promoted confident decision-making, cost reduction, and much more cross-departmental use of data. It is incredibly user-friendly and makes visualising information fun.

How is your data related?

Gaining accurate insight across your business can be difficult. Whether your data is simple or complex, helps you to understand exactly how your data is related. By creating simple visualisations, guided analytics or specific reports, you can make accurate decisions and share knowledge based on fact.

Equipping your data analytics users

It is important to maximise the value of your software investment by equipping users with the skills they need to realise all of its benefits. We can provide on-site training specifically tailored for your business.


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