Qlik Sense – June 2020 Release

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The Qlik Sense June 2020 release contains a whole host of  exciting new features including mini charts within tables, a new bullet chart, further customisation of tables, tooltip enhancements and more.

Let’s  take a further look at each of the new features!

Sparkline Charts

Sparkline charts are specific to straight tables. When adding a measure into a straight table, you now have the option of measuring this measure by a second dimension and representing it as one of four mini charts/sparkline charts.

Sparkline charts can be added by:

1. Changing the representation of a measure in the chart properties

2. Selecting a dimension to measure by, such as Month.

3. Selecting a “Type” from Bars, Dots, Sparkline or Positive/Negative (Whiskers).

4. You are done! There are further customisation options that can be used, such as setting the Y-Axis to Global or Local. Local only considers the value range for the specific row, whereas global considers the value range for all rows. Colours can also be adjusted to highlight min/max/first/last values, and the line/bar colour.

Bullet Chart

The Bullet Chart was previously available in the Visualisation Extension Bundle, this has now been rebuilt from the ground-up. The original version from the Visualisation Extension Bundle is still available; but will be deprecated in a future release.

The bullet chart is designed to present KPIs in the most informative way possible. In a Bullet Chart, only one measure is needed at a minimum to determine the length of the bar.

A dimension can be added, which will create a separate bullet for each dimension value. Targets and segments can also be added.

Table Customisation

In addition to being able to use mini charts within straight tables, there are two  new customisation options added to both the straight table, and pivot table in order to improve readability.

The first new customisation  is  the ability to highlight rows on hover, which is extremely helpful on large tables. It is also possible to change the font colour on hover.

This option can be enabled under Presentation -> Styling.

The second customisation is the ability to change the scroll bar size. There are 3 new options, small, medium and large. This option can also be found under Presentation -> Styling in the chart properties.

Organisation Chart Enhancements

It is now easier to use organisation charts, with new functionality such as a home button, border colour options, and auto-resizing. Previously you had to manually zoom in after making a selection.

Filter Pane Enhancements

When adding a new filter pane, text can be aligned to the left, right or center – Qlik users can also copy values to their local clipboard directly from the filter pane.

The alignment can be changed via the Dimensions menu in the chart properties pane.

Number Formatting in Colour By Expressions

It’s now possible to set a format pattern on a colour by expression, this is supported on the Bar, Pie, Line and Map charts. The option can be found under Appearance -> Presentation -> Colours & Legend.

Custom Tooltip Enhancements

In addition to the tooltip enhancements in previous releases, several  new functionalities have been added.

It’s now possible to display a title and description, use tooltips on line charts, use dynamic titles with expressions, and there are no longer any expression restrictions – leaving you free to use the ALL/TOTAL qualifiers which previously weren’t supported.

Dynamic Views & ODAG Improvements

Dynamic views now provide additional information when refreshed and are more performant in the June 2020 release of Qlik Sense. The scripting required for both dynamic views and ODAG has been vastly simplified to utilise minimal code for simple operations such as passing selections.

Read more here: Creating an on-demand template app

Qlik Sense Desktop Authentication Against SaaS

As free access to Qlik Sense Desktop expires on the 30th June 2020, now is the time to authenticate your copy against your QSEoW or SaaS instance of Qlik Sense. Previously it was only possible to authenticate against QSEoW (Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.) From the 10th June, it is now possible for all SaaS Qlik users to authenticate Qlik Sense Desktop.

Read more here: Authenticating against Qlik Sense Cloud

Qlik Management Console Improvements

Bookmark capabilities have now been added to Qlik Sense June 2020. This allows administrators to create bookmarks of various resources, such as apps, tasks, objects and streams. Clicking these directly from the QMC landing page will take you to the specific resource and apply the filters that are configured. By default, you’ll have the below bookmarks:

  • My Tasks
  • Everyone
  • Monitoring Apps
  • My Apps
  • My App Objects
  • My Streams

New bookmarks can be added as below:

  1. Navigate to the resource specific page, such as apps and filter the table down on any of the columns.

2. In my example, I’ve filtered the list down to just show the “What’s new” app.

3. Select the new bookmark icon at the top right, this will display any filters relevant to the current resource type and have an option to add a new filter.

4. Add a name for your new filter, and optionally a description. Then select the + icon.

5. Once added, you’ll see the bookmark added to the relevant list.

Sheet View

The Edit button is now located to the right of the sheet navigation arrows and has changed design slightly.

Another useful feature that has been hidden away is the ability to double-click on any “grab handle” at the corner of objects. This will fill any available space.

Qlik Sense SaaS Improvements

Qlik’s SaaS offerings now have capability for larger applications, up to 10GB (on disk) and 50GB (in-memory.)

Qlik’s SaaS offerings also allow users to export stories to PDF, which was previously only available in QSEoW (Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.)

Upgrading to Qlik Sense June 2020

If you are a Catalyst Cloud customer, we will take care of your upgrade over the coming weeks. Please contact your Account Manager for further upgrade options.

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