Qlik Sense Cloud – 2021 Reporting Update

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In the last couple of weeks of 2021, Qlik have added a big new feature into their cloud platform. This update gives the ability to deliver enterprise level reporting to end users. Something which before now, was limited to subscribing to a chart or sheet. However, Qlik have now added the ability to create multiple page reports, which can be scheduled or delivered on a trigger using App Automations.

How does it work?

Qlik have added a Qlik Reporting Connector into their App Automation library. The functions enable users to generate reports within app automation workflows. These reports consist of pages from current Qlik Sense dashboards. Multiple sheets can be added from a Qlik Sense dashboard, therefore finally enabling a configurable multi page report which can be scheduled and distributed out via email or to cloud storage such as Dropbox or Azure.

Example App Automation Workflow with Qlik Reporting Service


What do they look like?

It is best practice to create specific pages within a dashboard that will drive your report. Commentary or images can be added to this sheet to enhance the look and feel of the final report. All the objects on that sheet will then be converted into a PDF document when executed from an app automation. An example report can be found below.

Example Report created using the Qlik Reporting Service


As noted earlier, these reports can be distributed via email to end users, meaning they do not need a Qlik Licence to view the PDF. In addition, loops can be created in app automations to cycle through different dimensions to send only the relevant information to user groups. For example, a sales manager only seeing the data from their region. Reports can be distributed on a schedule or on a trigger. Currently, only PDF documents can be created using the reporting service.

How much extra will it cost?

The Qlik Reporting Service is included at no additional cost for enterprise customers.

Where do I find out more?

Firstly, feel free to contact us or your account manager for a much more in-depth chat about reporting on the Qlik Cloud platform. In addition, there are lots of online resources available here: Automated reporting using the Qlik Reporting Service ‒ Qlik Cloud

It is fantastic to see the speed of development of the Qlik Cloud platform not slowing down. This functionality will be greatly used by many different organisations for a large number of varied use cases.

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