WMS Go – Quality Control Module


Per year on annual subscription

Providing excellent Quality Control within NetSuite


  • Perform Quality Control tests against items as they are built on a handheld mobile device.
  • Define a variety of test types, allowing different sets of tests to be applied to different items.
  • Multiple or single levels of approval, with automatic approval by the system within pre-set limits.
  • Automatic rejection of Quality Control tests, allowing Quality Control to be carried out multiple times for a single item.
  • Track the full history of Quality Control tests that have been carried out for a manufactured item.
  • Ability to create custom searches and reports around captured Quality Control information, allowing analysis to be carried out for each test type, or for a specific set of items.
  • Undertake multiple Quality Control checks per work order.

The business is much more efficient and month-end closes take half as long with NetSuite. Now with the addition of the WMS Go application, we have also seen a 75% reduction in stocktake time.

Martin Kennedy | Finance Director