Catalyst NetSuite Consignment Stock Handling


Per year on annual subscription

Helping you to handle consignment stock


You may need to manage and consume stock which is held off premise, for example, at a customer’s location. This stock is owned by you and the customer will call this off, as and when required. The customer then notifies you of any stock used, which you invoice them for.

Our solution enables the following:

  • Identifies customers’ as using ‘consignment stock’ and specifies the NetSuite location used.
  • The ability to track the original issue of stock to the customers’ consignment location. This can be printed and emailed if required.
  • The fulfilment and receipt process of this stock issue is captured.
  • A facility to reduce the consignment stock used and to bill the customer accordingly.
  • Specific reporting around consignment current stock levels, values and any related transactions.

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