Paving the path back from COVID-19

The economy is re-opening. Businesses are preparing, planning, and starting to pave the path back.

Steering a company during uncertain times requires an analytical approach with an emphasis on visibility, control and agility. You need visibility into cash flow, receivables, projects, inventory and operational risks. With so many critical decisions to make, you need the right numbers, and you need them right now.

Take stock of the situation

With accurate, up-to-date financial data and “what-if” scenarios in hand, you can determine what steps you need to take.

How can you change to win?

A crisis is challenging, but it won’t last forever. Eventually there’s a new normal. While some companies struggle to stay in business, others end up perfectly positioned when opportunities for growth appear. How do they do that?

“Daletech is a long-established business working within the electronics sector. We were one of the first industries to be adversely affected by COVID-19 due to supply chain issues. Rather than viewing this as a challenge, we instead considered Lockdown as an opportunity to review and improve our systems and start  with a blank page. Daletech partnered with Catalyst ERP and chose NetSuite Cloud ERP to help us to scale, safeguard against future business disruption and drive efficiency into legacy business processes.

Catalyst ERP made the buying process extremely simple and straightforward and their team devised a rapid deployment plan, to deliver a new NetSuite platform in 6 weeks. The NetSuite Flexipay option removed all upfront costs and provided us with an affordable monthly repayment plan. We can now look to the future, knowing that we 100% made the right decision, with the right partner, at the right time.”

– Tracey Dawson, Daletech Electronics


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NetSuite by Oracle is the world’s number one cloud business system. NetSuite gives you financials, cash flow, payroll, inventory, and more, all in one place, so you have clear visibility and total control of your business.

NetSuite customers have the flexibility to work from anywhere, with immediate clarity on critical information, right at their fingertips. No more guessing. No more waiting. Make smarter decisions with confidence, because you’ve got crystal clear visibility into your numbers.