Mobile Warehouse Management

WMS Go is a superb solution for distributors, manufacturers, retailers and e-commerce companies, who need to efficiently manage their inventory.

A real-time mobile app, it enables you to utilise and update data held within the NetSuite nfrastructure, on the go!

Working closely with our Wholesale Distribution customers, we designed WMS Go to further improve productivity and efficiency within the warehouse. Mobile, device, browser, operating system and scanner agnostic, the app is cost-effective, quick to deploy and easy to use.

By making NetSuite truly mobile throughout their warehouses with WMS Go, our existing customers have radically reduced their inventory management time by up to 75%.


  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Sales Order Picking
  • Returns Authorisation Receiving
  • Cycle Count
  • Bin/Location Count
  • Bin Transfer
  • Item Look Up
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Transfer Order Receiving
  • Transfer Order Picking


  • Quick to deploy and easy to use
  • Cost-effective alternative to enterprise class warehouse management solutions for organisations who don’t require the extensive set of features and functions / capabilities 
  • Real-time mobile app – saves time by untethering your people from a single workstation 
  • All data sits within the NetSuite infrastructure, nothing outside 
  • Mobile, device, browser, operating system and scanner agnostic 
  • Allows you to utilise your own hardware 
  • Warehouse staff can view real-time updates to orders 


  • Drives efficiency by making NetSuite mobile in your warehouse –  no need to deploy any additional technologies
  • Great user experience – End-users are guided step-by-step with intuitive screens
  • Enables awareness of the exact position of your inventory and where it is located
  • Automates your manual warehouse processes
  • Improves speed and productivity as staff see information in real-time
  • Reduces the time taken to receive goods into your warehouse
  • Sales order fulfilment is more efficient
  • Reduces inventory counting time – our customers have seen an improvement of 75% in time efficiency
  • Add warehouse staff at no extra cost
  • Accelerates your business performance

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