Assessing your NetSuite suitability

When Catalyst first engages with you, we will assess the suitability of a NetSuite implementation. When NetSuite’s capabilities have been demonstrated and it is agreed that your business is a good fit for the technology, we move to the Discovery and Analysis Phase.

  • This Phase typically involves assigning a Catalyst Senior NetSuite Architect to your project and enabling them to become fully aware of your business to create the Business Requirements Document (BRD).
  • The BRD is the output of the Discovery and Analysis Phase and provides a blueprint and functional specification for the delivery phase of the NetSuite implementation.
  • Within the BRD document we capture your requirements and provide an understanding of how NetSuite can satisfy these.¬†We will show you how the system can be configured and agree which NetSuite modules are needed, on which platform and for how many users.

Confidence and Knowledge

We also carry out Proof of Concept (PoC) activity and design work, to show exactly how NetSuite will support the business feature-by-feature and function-by-function. The entire process provides you with confidence and knowledge of how long the implementation will take and when you will Go Live with the solution.