A short and simple delivery

A Catalyst delivery of NetSuite typically takes 3-4 months, from project start to Go Live. Your requirements are documented and verified during the Discovery and Analysis Phase. Following this, the NetSuite implementation team delivers modules to you, for individual testing. When all of the modules are finally brought together, end-to-end user and business acceptance testing is carried out and training provided in advance of Go Live. Our key differentiator is that we aim to make your implementation as short and simple as possible. We ensure that your normal business activities are supported from Go Live, yet at the same time give you more capability. So, you will always take a big step forward in terms of automation. We simplify the implementation, never adding to complexity and ensuring that it remains within scope. We understand that you will have other work priorities, therefore we make the entire process as seamless as possible. Once Go Live has been achieved, we can provide additional training support and to ensure that you are constantly improving the platform through our NetSuite Managed Service. 

Adding to the NetSuite experience

Many of our customers do not want peaks and troughs of activity, instead they want continuous improvement of the NetSuite platform. This can sometimes involve enabling other areas of the business, who did not initially utilise the platform, adding new users, features and functions, or taking advantage of additional functionality available via NetSuite’s bi-annual upgrades.