NetSuite Platform Implementation & Delivery

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What happens during the Implementation phase?

Your requirements will already have been documented and verified during the Discovery & Analysis Phase.

During the Implementation Phase, the Catalyst ERP Team will deliver your NetSuite modules, features, functions, on a continual basis to enable you to do small amounts of testing.

At the end of the main project delivery, we will work with you to undertake a full end-to-end user and business acceptance test. And then immediately prior to your Go Live date and system cutover we will work with you to train all of your end users.

Your Catalyst ERP Team will be on-site before, during and after your NetSuite Cloud ERP implementation to ensure a smooth transition to your new system.

We deliver NetSuite Cloud ERP in 3-4 months

Short and Simple Implementations

Our key differentiator is that we aim to make your implementation as short and simple as possible. We ensure that your normal business activities are supported from Go Live, yet at the same time give you more capability. So, you will always take a big step forward in terms of automation.

We simplify the implementation, never adding to complexity and ensuring that it remains within scope. We understand that you will have other work priorities, therefore we make the entire process as simple as possible. Once Go Live has been achieved, we can provide additional training support to ensure that you are constantly improving the platform through our NetSuite Managed Service.


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