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Making your NetSuite Cloud ERP decision

When the Catalyst ERP Team first engages with you, we will assess if NetSuite is a good fit for your business.

We call this stage of our engagement with you, the Discovery and Analysis Phase.

  • This involves aligning a Catalyst ERP architect to your project. They spend the time getting to know your business and its processes from end-to-end in some real detail.  This enables them to make recommendations to you with regard to whether/how NetSuite Cloud ERP should be implemented.
  • The main output of the Discovery and Analysis Phase is the Business Requirements Document, often called the BRD.
  • The BRD is effectively the blueprint for your implementation; it describes how NetSuite would be configured and developed to meet your business requirements. Alongside the BRD, we produce an implementation estimate, confirm your NetSuite software requirements, collaborate with you to produce an implementation plan. By agreeing what is not going to be delivered as part of your Phase 1 implementation. we also create a roadmap of future system enhancements (a list of features and functions that you can switch on at any time).
  • Having spent a couple of weeks working with our Team, with no broader, longer term commitment, you get a real opportunity to validate what our referenced customers have already said about us. And, to decide whether you would like to use Catalyst ERP as your NetSuite implementation partner.


"We are delighted with the successful implementation of NetSuite. Catalyst IT assessed our requirements and worked closely with us to ultimately develop a bespoke solution which fully supports and integrates our business operations. As a business we are now more productive, have accurate information at our fingertips and have the ability to innovate and accelerate the growth and efficiency of the organisation."

John Rawdon-Mogg, Operations Manager


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