Transform and streamline your processes and operations

Legacy processes and systems and the extensive use of Excel to manage your financial operations often struggle to meet the demands of the business as it scales and evolves.

A lack of system integration and outdated technology often restricts the potential of your finance team and limits the potential to expand.

Triggers for implementing NetSuite Cloud ERP include:

  • Rapid company growth
  • Expansion into a new product, market, or business areas
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • International expansion

"We are genuinely thrilled with the engagement that we had with the team at Catalyst. They took a very complex set of omni-channel requirements and delivered a cost-effective, fully-integrated NetSuite solution in less than 3 months. "

Kieran Eblett, Finance Director

General Business Challenges

  • Financial management: All companies need to manage their finances to ensure accuracy, speed and efficiency. Time estimated to close the books and complete audit time is between 45% – 70%.
  • Business visibility: Companies need complete visibility right across their operations in real-time, to seize opportunities, counter threats and identify positive or negative trends.

Achieve a 360-degree view

Achieving a 360-degree view of customers and operations through NetSuite Cloud ERP enables a 20-30% improvement in business agility.

By integrating all of the application software, IT infrastructure and services together in a web based, delivery model, Catalyst ERP can provide your business with economies of scale and skill that are not possible in traditional, on-premise deployments.

NetSuite also offers you a variety of integrated modules in addition to ERP. These include marketing & sales (CRM), ecommerce, analytics, financial planning and budgeting, point of sale, HR and professional services management.


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