Managing your Distillery

Catalyst IT’s BOTTLE ERP edition of NetSuite is a drinks industry specific ERP management solution. It helps small and mid-sized companies in your sector to better manage customers and their orders, supply chain, manufacturing, inventory and finance functions. It also gives management the information it requires through the provision of a series of user specific dashboards and customisable and automated reports.

More efficient manufacturing operation using a visual Production Planner calendar

It is often beneficial to have a visual plan of work orders within the NetSuite system, yet there isn’t a requirement for full Work In Progress (WIP) and Routing.

With the work orders feature enabled, our visual calendar displays all upcoming work orders, using production start and end dates. It also allows the user to drag and drop work orders in real-time to make any planning changes required.


The real-time capture of Quality Control checks during the production process

  • Perform Quality Control tests against items as they are built on a handheld mobile device
  • Define a variety of test types, allowing different sets of tests to be applied to different items
  • Add multiple or single levels of approval, with automatic approval by the system within pre-set limits
  • Automatic rejection of Quality Control tests, allowing Quality Control to be carried out multiple times for a single item
  • Track the full history of Quality Control tests that have been carried out for a manufactured item
  • Ability to create custom searches and reports around captured Quality Control information, allowing analysis to be carried out for each test type, or for a specific set of items
  • Undertake multiple Quality Control checks per work order


Using labels to aid accuracy & traceability

• For Item receipts you can generate labels for all lot numbered items
• For Work Orders you can generate labels for items being produced
• Ability to reprint labels as required
• Part of the WMS GO solution
• Ability to control format of labels printed


Work Order Management on the go

• Build work orders, capturing by-products from the manufacturing process

More streamlined Warehouse Management through the implementation of Catalyst WMS Go

WMS Go is a superb solution, built specifically for NetSuite, for anybody who needs to efficiently manage their inventory. A real-time mobile app, it enables you to utilise and update data held within the NetSuite infrastructure, on the go.

Working closely with our Wholesale Distribution customers, we designed WMS Go to further improve productivity and efficiency within the warehouse. Mobile, device, browser, operating system and scanner agnostic, the app is cost-effective, quick to deploy and easy to use.

By making NetSuite truly mobile throughout their warehouses with WMS Go, our existing customers have radically reduced their inventory management time by up to 75%.


Automated LPA (Litres of Pure Alcohol) and Duty reporting

The complex calculations required to report LPA are historically time consuming, very manual and potentially prone to user error. Bottle ERP is completely automated, and the solution includes a custom screen that allows you to simply enter a date to display all transactions for HMRC reporting, i.e. the LPA in the business, the LPA output and LPA wastage.

View live LPA numbers in NetSuite that can then be used to report to HMRC in the required format, at the click of a button. Control your inventory and costs, manage duty liabilities and gain insights into your business through real-time information.

Bottle ERP further satisfies the requirement to have visibility across the business of Duty to be paid and the ability to automatically report on this, at the required intervals. A truly portable solution, it can be accessed on the go, through browser, mobile or tablet.


Enabling industry best practice

Great software will get you part of the way through your IT transformation, the other really important ingredient your project needs is the right partner. We are confident that Catalyst is the team to guide you on your journey, because of the quality of our people and the depth of our sector specific knowledge and expertise.


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“We had outgrown the Sage Line 50 solution and it became clear we needed a more robust solution to take the business through the next five years of growth and beyond. We evaluated a number of solutions, including Sage 200 and SAP Business One, before settling on NetSuite. The guys at Catalyst very quickly got to grips with the
complexities of our business and helped us to define our processes, as well as configuring NetSuite to our current and future requirements. In particular, Catalyst’s Bottle ERP solution enabled the bespoke handling of HMRC duty reporting through the purchase, manufacturing and sales processes. This helps enormously in meeting our reporting
responsibilities. I have no hesitation in recommending Catalyst and NetSuite to fast-growing businesses in need of a future proofed CRM/ERP solution.”

Robin Draper, Finance Director, Warner’s Distillery Ltd.