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QlikView Training Courses

QlikView courses from Catalyst BI are designed to enable your teams to unlock the power of Qlik. During these courses we introduce best practice techniques and time-saving methodologies developed over many years with the experience and lessons taken from hundreds of Qlik deployments.

QlikView Fundamentals

QlikView Fundamentals provides a great introduction to developing applications in QlikView. It covers the basic scripting needed to load data, through to meaningful analysis and presentation of results. It is a great foundation to ensure that users are comfortable with the major features and benefits of QlikView.

QlikView Data and Scripting

QlikView Data and Scripting is a deep dive session which looks at data modelling concepts, and important scripting techniques. The course introduces the BI Methodology, a best practice approach to development with a defined set of standards and processes which when followed ensure high quality, sustainable and extensible applications.

Areas covered include

  • Data modelling and scripting techniques
  • Creating data connections
  • Simplifying development through structured scripting
  • Effective use of variables
  • Working with QVD files
  • Transforming and joining data
  • Managing dates
  • Script debugging

“The Catalyst BI methodology provides a strong foundation on which our analysis grows and adapts with our needs”

Thomas Philip Business Systems Analyst Mersey Rail

QlikView Application Design

QlikView Application Design provides a comprehensive introduction to application design principles and effective information design, from ideas around visual perception through to appropriate chart selection and graphical integrity. You will learn key analytical techniques that communicate information to your users in the most effective way and find out how to perform comparative analysis e.g. This Year versus Last Year or Department A versus Department B, without having to redesign your data structure.

Areas covered include

  • Design best practice
  • Set Analysis
  • Advanced aggregation
  • Comparative Analysis

QlikView Administration

QlikView Administration is a technical course that gives you the information, tools, techniques, and skills needed to set up, configure and maintain the QlikView Enterprise server.

Learn how to install and configure the QlikView Server, publish applications to the QlikView Access Point, configure scheduled reloads and manage users and licences


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