Data Literacy

Improve your decision making skills
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Data Literacy

Data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyse and communicate with data.

In our information-driven world, data literacy is just as important as reading or writing. You need to know how to confidently work with data and analytics to quickly generate actionable insights, regardless of your role, skill level, or the BI tools you use.

Of course, not everyone needs to be a data scientist, but everyone should be data literate. Increasing your data literacy improves your decision-making skills.

By being data literate, you learn how to ask the right questions of your data, interpret your findings, and take informed action.

Data Informed Decision-Making

Learn about the importance of Data Literacy in the digital age. What it means to be Data Literate, why analytics are important and techniques to help you make data informed decisions.

Foundational Data and Analytics

Understand core principles of data, including data types, structures, dimensions and measures. Explore some key analytical concepts including distributions, correlation and causation, simple linear regression and more.

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