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Travis Perkins plc (Travis Perkins) had legacy supplier systems, where suppliers could view stock levels and understand the volume of products being sold across stores. Suppliers were provided with raw data and the ability to exact some performance measurements around availability, on-time and in full. This was a paid for service, which generated a profit-making revenue and facilitated reasonable supplier engagement.

In 2016, the system was ready for improvement, particularly on the merchant side. After consideration, Qlik technology was chosen because of its analytics and dashboarding capabilities. More specifically, the Qlik Analytics Platform was chosen because it allows you to provision dashboard views and a variety of different objects onto a webpage for external consumption.


We’ve always been quite a heavy user of i-supply, but since the COVID-19 lockdown (and the increase of shopper demand), the daily sales analysis and split of online/c&c, and visibility of the distribution/weight of sales has become invaluable. It has allowed us to firstly gain insight into this quite unique situation, but also to support and help our supply chain colleagues with potential forecast demand. We can see adapting shopper habits and SKU’s experiencing increased demand. This has enabled us to support our supply chain through more accurate forecasting and by identifying a 50 SKU 'priority list’ of products the factories could focus production on, whilst minimising lost sales.”

Yusuf Alharrari | Senior Customer Business Manager, AkzoNobel

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