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Helping Healthcare Organisations ensure patients get the right care and support, at the right time, in the right place by using data and analytics

The most common data challenges Healthcare Organisations see today

  • High number of source systems and data formats with no centralised or consolidated views
  • Inconsistency in reporting metrics and interpretation of information across the business
  • Heavily reliant on reporting performance using Excel

Do these sound familiar?

Bringing People and Data Together

Now more than ever, Healthcare organisations are struggling with depleted budgets, rising demands and increasing costs. All while suffering from the continued pressure to drive continual improvement.

At Catalyst, we believe the key to gaining a sustainable cost leadership advantage, healthcare organisations need to leverage analytics within all its functions to create value by bringing people and data together.

Qlik offers the only end-to-end data integration and analytics solution in the industry. Quickly transform all your raw data into easily accessible, analytics-ready information and deliver game-changing insights

Your next step to improving patient outcomes, reducing costs and optimising your processes

Inform and improve preventive care

With data about social determinants directly in your EHR it’s much easier to identify at-risk patients and help them avoid health issues.

Equipping your decision makers with the right answers

Data, insights, and dashboards aid physicians, CXOs, and management to collaborate and interact while fostering data-driven decision-making, testing new business models and optimising existing processes.

Better transparency of information

Embedded analytics brings entire health records and community data in one easy-to-understand view right in your medical records system. Zoom into the details to understand the whole patient story.

Take command of your data

Command Centre is a NHS and Catalyst BI collaboration that has boosted triage and discharge times. It provides the ability to see everything in one place; from ambulances enroute to the hospital, to individual patients being discharged, enables clinicians to identify problems before they have happened.

Command Centre outcomes:

  • The percentage of patients being cared for on non-medical wards, due to capacity pressures, has been reduced from 8% to 2%
  • 95% of patients now triaged within 15 minutes of arrival at ED (up from 67%)
  • Proportion of patients discharged by midday has grown from 16% to 19%.

In addition the predictive technology helps plan for future capacity issues before they even occur.

See how the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust has significantly improved the way it manages patient capacity, and therefore patient experience


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