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Catalyst BI support local government authorities to answer the challenge of doing more with less.

By connecting their data into a single citizen view and displaying interactive dashboards, local authorities are gaining actionable insights into how to deliver more for their citizens.

"Reliable performance data is now available and used regularly by managers to monitor performance and ensure that work with children is completed within timescales"

Summary of Ofsted findings on Knowsley Council’s children’s services

Improve state and local government services and save budget

Improve citizen services and gain the transparency needed to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. Qlik data analytics platform lets you explore and analyse all your activities, from emergency response conditions to procurement, surfacing opportunities for service improvements and cost savings.

Key Benefits

  • Improve attendance rates by identifying staff behaviour trends
  • Raise quality in children’s services through case management visibility
  • Reduce procurement spend by highlighting the most problematic line items
  • Improve supplier performance by understanding quality of received service
  • Enhance service user experience by having a single citizen view
  • Manage budgets more effectively by everyone having a single version of the truth
  • Boost service speed by equipping staff with an holistic view of the authority
  • Streamline management and board meetings by removing inefficient paper and manual processes

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