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Harness the power of incremental improvement
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Operate leaner, cut waste, boost efficiency and improve your bottom line. 

Our Production Solutions, built using advanced analytics from Qlik, are totally customisable and provide you with instant information straight to your desktop, tablet, or smart phone. This gives you live insight into production efficiency, planning and profitability.

These interactive dashboards give manufacturers the information they need to know exactly how much it costs to make the goods you produce and sell. This eliminates the constant erosion of margins brought about by exchange rate fluctuations, raw material price increases, poor production line management, plant maintenance and purchasing policies – all of which have a detrimental impact upon your production line profitability.

“Qlik Sense has added real value to our business by enabling users to explore and work with their data and make important business decisions faster. We estimate the time saved in reporting to be around 50%”.

Murray Shaw, IT Manager, Bakkavor

Powerful and Intuitive Dashboards

Our role-focussed dashboards can be tailored to your exact needs and are powerful, yet easy and intuitive to use. They consolidate data from multiple sources into one view with near real-time performance for faster, more accurate decision making. Users can drill down to granular data which enables them to manage and control manufacturing activities with hourly measurements of overall efficiency.

"We use Qlik across our set piece for finance, distribution, sales, manufacturing and supply chain and its robust data models and fast information delivery have enabled us to be far more focused.”

Phil Underhill, IT Manager, Tayto Group

When data leads, manufacturing transformation follows.

Our manufacturing solutions and data analytics give you access to all your data so you can explore information on customers, supply chain, data, equipment, production line and markets sectors, easily and without limits including:
  • Customer Intelligence – improve customer experiences and drive increased lifetime value.
  • Re-imagined Processes – optimise every aspect of your business for efficiency and productivity.
  • New Business Opportunities – develop new products, services, and revenue streams with insights gleaned from data.
  • Balanced Risk and Reward – get insight into internal and external factors to make faster, smarter decisions around risk.

“Our Qlik apps, created by Catalyst BI, have transformed the way we work with data and they support all the reporting processes we need.”

Anthony Hurley, IT Manager, Niftylift

Forge new paths and make new discoveries.

We have a proven track-record of providing Qlik solutions that have been developed specifically to meet the unique requirements of manufacturing organisations.

  • Make faster, more profitable decisions
  • Operate more leanly
  • Gain real-time visibility
  • Measure and increase operational effectiveness
  • Collaborate better
  • Enhance business agility


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